about my practice

I look back on many years of continuous Yoga practice and completed a number of Teacher Trainings and intense Workshops with various teachers. 

My Yoga style is influenced by my many teachers and styles practised over the years with a main focus on mindful sequencing and structured alignment. I teach a Vinyasa Flow style, Yin Yoga and Roll and Release techniques. My aim is to pass on my experience of the practice of Yoga in a thought- and joyful manner. 



Why Yoga? A personal note


Yoga signifies "union". In my experience it unites everything we do, think and "breathe" at all times. As much as asanas help unite breath and movement and thereby raise awareness and help us concentrate on the now, our Yoga practice doesn't stop once we step off the mat. It is a never ending experience of unfolding. I chose to get on the path of Yoga because it's all encompassing. It's life in its purest form. Yoga can be our most thoughtful, honest and ultimately kind companion. Our friend within, our own source of wisdom and clarity. 


My heartfelt thanks go out to all my teachers over the years for sharing their wisdom. First and foremost I'd like to thank Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch, Maty Ezraty and all my fellow teaching students I keep enjoying practising with and sharing teaching techniques.








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